Samantha Smart Pourover


Total control to extract the best coffee! It is first of its kind pour-over brewer that can be operated directly from your smartphone or tablet.



Samantha, the smart coffee brewer launched by Hiroia. It is first of its kind pour-over brewer that can be operated directly from your smartphone or tablet. Simply download the Samantha app from the iOS or Android play store and pair with the Samantha brewer to get started.

Courtesy of an in-built scale, you rarely get your coffee measurements wrong. The machine enables users to program and store different water-dispensing routines for single and multi-cup batches of drip coffee.

You have total control over the water temperature and volume of water supply with the smart pour-over system allowing to extract the best possible flavours. You achieve consistent brewing results as you have complete command over frequency, and drip speed rate with every batch of coffee.

Records every step and detail of the brewing process to get a perfect recreation of a coffee barista’s recipes. Simply download the recipes automatically by connecting to the Samantha app directly from the brewer. And if you come up with some of your own, be sure to share it with the coffee community by uploading them on the app.

Bring a little coffee magic into your home with this world-class, cloud-based barista system, a collaboration between Japan’s century-old boutique coffee brand Hario and Taiwan’s top artificial intelligence professionals. Go on a fuss-free brewing journey with this Bluetooth enabled app that runs from the smartphone and instantly transforms you into a coffee master.

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