Barista training courses New Zealand-wide
Learn world-class barista skills

Our barista trainer works with Altura’s master roaster, Chris White, to develop the best barista training courses. Chris spends part of every year judging the judges at the World Barista Championships, so it’s easy to understand why Altura barista training is truly world-class.

Barista training for Altura wholesale customers

If your baristas need training at any level, we’d love to help. Our barista trainer can come and work with staff at your café or you are welcome to visit Altura’s specialist barista training centre in Auckland. We offer full range of barista training courses to make sure that your people are technically excellent at making coffee.

At Altura we want to make sure that our wholesale customers have all the resources and support they need to build a reputation for serving truly great coffee. Of course it all starts with choosing the finest coffee beans but that’s not the end of the story. Turning the beans into an amazing cup of coffee is all in the hands of the barista.

Research shows that if you consistently serve great coffee, customers will come back to enjoy the experience time after time.

Barista training for everyone

If you want to learn how to make great coffee at home, we also open up our training to the general public. Whether you are an enthusiastic home-user or you’re thinking about opening your own café one day, Altura has a course to suit you.

Altura barista training courses

All our courses are run by professional baristas with years of experience in the coffee industry. Our Coffee Appreciation Course is a great introduction to the art of making espresso coffee. Our Beginner’s Training Course will help you get to know your equipment and covers basic espresso techniques including extraction, grind adjustments and milk texturing.

Our Advanced Barista Training Course helps professionals understand more about: single origins and blends; fine-tuning their espresso techniques; tasting and drink building; efficient maintenance of espresso machines; and managing a barista station.

Find out more about Altura’s barista training courses by giving us a call on 09 448 1414 / 0800 ALTURA or email us directly.