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Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot – Easy to clean & Easy to use

  • No replacement filters needed (wash and re-use)
  • Slender spout for slow, steady and controlled pouring.
  • Easy to clean, Easy to use pour spout
  • Made with high quality heatproof glass
  • Dishwasher safe




SIZE W 138× D 94× H 208mm 88Φ
CAPACITY 5 cups / Brewed volume 600mL
WEIGHT(incl.individual box) approx.500g

SIZE W 138× D 94× H 294mm Φ88mm
CAPACITY Practical capacity 1000mL / 8 cups
WEIGHT(incl.individual box) approx.600g

Lid, Strainer frame, Handle band / Polypropylene
Strainer mesh / Polyester resin
Bushing / Silicone rubber
Glass pot / Heatproof glass

You can prepare delicious cold brew coffee easily.
You can make iced coffee with just coffee and water.
Pour small amounts of water to wet the coffee grounds while dripping with a circular motion.
Once filled, place the cap and gently shake the bottle to start the extraction.
Refrigerate for approximately 8 hours before serving.

Hario was established in 1921 in Tokyo, Japan as a manufacturer of laboratory glassware. By the late 1940s, after many years of research, the company introduced its heatproof “HARIO glass”, which allowed the company to introduce its first coffee product – the Hario coffee syphon. After years of expansion in a number of different categories, in 2005, Hario released its iconic V60 Dripper, which has since become the most widely used dripper for manual pour over coffee. Hario’s current catalog now spans kitchenware, laboratory glassware, automotive headlights, aromatherapy, pets products and jewelry, with a particular focus on specialty coffee and tea accessories. In addition to its dedication to product quality, Hario has an unwavering commitment to social responsibility, operating its pollution-free glass factory which utilizes 100% natural ingredients.


Additional information

Additional information


Red 600ml, Brown 600ml, Brown 1 litre, Red 1 litre, Blue 1 litre


Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Pot – Easy to clean & Easy to use

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3 Reviews

  1. KenLin

    I’ve tried various cold brew coffee brewers and this is by far the best. Not as pretty or theatrical as the ones with fancy glass bulbs and slow drips, but definitely the one that makes the best coffee (and with the least effort too).
    Easy to use. Easy to clean. Reliable results every time. And makes great coffee.
    The coffee it makes is more concentrated than many of the more elaborate cold brew devices on the market (and needs to be diluted with hot or iced water in the normal way) but the coffee it makes is equally smooth and free of any hint of bitterness.
    This device has single handedly converted me to cold brew coffee and I use it almost daily. Yes you have to wait a while for the coffee to brew (I tend to leave it 18-24 hours) but it’s well worth the wait. And works just as well with cheaper coffee grounds as it does with much more expensive or rarer blends.
    Very highly recommended. If you like coffee then you have to give this one a try. You won’t regret it.

  2. Tim W

    Enjoyed a cold brew at Cafe this summer? These are the jugs they used to make them. Set up is simple. Fill the liner to the top with coarsely ground coffee (I don’t weigh it in grams, just fill until you no longer see the white liner) and then slowly pour water over the grounds and lightly stir. Fill with water until water fills to about half way where the handle is. Some let it brew for 24 hours, but I find that 12 hours in the fridge is the sweet spot for smooth, delicious coffee.

  3. Maxim

    Very straightforward method for making cold brew coffee. Add 80g coffee to the filter, pour through 1.1 litres of cold water, stir with a chopstick (or something similar) and refrigerate overnight. Fits in the fridge door where you keep your milk.
    Resulting coffee is smooth and completely lacking in bitterness. I’ve *always* needed sugar in coffee, but it’s completely unnecessary with this.
    Easy to clean.

3 Reviews, 0 Q&As

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