Gene Cafe Roaster


The Gene Cafe green bean roaster roasts batches of 300gm for the freshest coffee.

Includes a large chaff collector.



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The Gene Cafe CBR-101 has established itself as an excellent coffee bean roaster capable of producing about half a pound of uniformly roasted coffee (250g). Suitable for both the novice, and experienced home coffee roaster.  The intuitive controls of time and temperature, and full-view glass chamber, allow for a simple out-of-the-box roasting experience.  More seasoned home roasters will love the consistency of the CBR-101, and will be able to fine tune desired roast profiles.  The CBR-101 uses a unique vortex twisting, off-axis chamber rotation which assures complete distribution of the green coffee during roasting, and consistent roasting results.

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg

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