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These may look pretty but these mean business. Specifically designed for latte art, from your basic heart pour to swans, high definition line work and everything in between.

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Sharp spout – Warrior3, Kendo, Musketeer, Ronin
Rounded Spout – Knight Rider

A variety of colours and finishes are available – for specific orders please email info@alturacoffee.co.nz
For all specs follow this link:  https://www.jibbijug.com.au/

What are the differences between 420ML and 600ml?

Both have an Eagle beak style however the wider opening and the Chin of 420ml is longer than the 600ml. This gives pushing milk flow faster for Pushing pattern (Tulip, Rosetta, Swan,etc).

The 600ml has less wider opening (Same as 400ml-ULTRAFINE) and smaller roll out chin that help to create Compound leaves for Lifting pattern while support the pushing style very well.


​All Color Milk JUGS are not chemical resistance and color retention. PLEASE Do not soak in Chemical, the color will get abrasion.

Mostly all JIBBIJUGs are coated by Titanium Electroplating so the color will be last longer, however some series are coated by other methods like Teflon or Painting (Classic), so we love to recommend the users using hand washing with delicate care to keep the color last as long as possible.

Not dishwasher proof,

Hand wash only.

It is your responsibility to look after these jugs, due to the thinner spouts for latte art purposes they are more fragile!

Additional information

Additional information


Warrior3 420ml, Knight Rider 600ml, Musketeer 600ml, Kendo 400ml, Ronin 380ml, Magician 420ml, Warrior X Men 420ml, Warrior Superwomen BLUE 420 ml, Warrior Superwomen RAINBOW 420ml, Warrior X Men GOLD 420ml

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