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Costa Rica Santa Cruz Angel
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Costa Rica Santa Cruz Angel

Cup Notes:


Brown sugar


Medium body

About Costa Rica Santa Cruz Community Washed

Santa Clara is a community coffee from Leon Cortez district within Tarrazu. The average altitude for the farms here is 1650 masl. The buying station in town gets coffee delivered in while it’s still unprocessed (in cherry). Delivering coffee in cherry has many benefits, including that it can be sorted properly prior to pulping, and the buying station can see if the coffee was freshly picked.

Costa Rica produces excellent quality coffee. The development of various coffee plant varieties are strong in their constitution and delicate in the quality of their fruit. The contribution of rich soils that have a slight degree of acidity and rich organic matter that have attributed from enriched volcanic ashes, assists the coffee plants’ roots in retaining humidity and facilitating oxygenation. It is this combination of these growing conditions that give Costa Rican coffee its unique flavors, making it a superbly aromatic and well-balanced cup profile.

When we visited the Santa Cruz community earlier this year, the harvest was finishing up earlier than expected. This year’s harvest was significantly lower than previous years, Tarrazu was particularly effected and yielded in 25% less coffee this year. Harvest reduction was partially attributed to hurricane Otto, which messed up the Eco system. Various coffee producing regions in Costa Rica had more rainfall than usual, resulting in swelling of cherry, where a lot of them simply dropped off to the ground. Quality wasn’t effected, but the quantity definitely was.

This is a Washed lot, meaning that fully ripe cherry is picked, immature green cherry is hand sorted, over-ripe cherry is separated in floatation tanks & only prime red cherry is sent to pulpers. Pulped parchment is fermented for 24-72 hours (depending on the weather conditions) in a dry fermentation process. The clean, washed parchment is then sent for drying.

This coffee from the country of Costa Rica is an interesting selection this month

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