Kruve Sifter


Say goodbye to non-uniform coffee grounds with the Kruve Sifter and brew coffee that’s more balanced and delicious than ever before. Bringing sieve technology to coffee, the Kruve enables you to refine the coffee grounds from any grinder, calibrate your grinder, and discover specific micron measurements that work best with your brewers.

By putting your coffee grounds through two sieves, you are able to sift out the fines and boulders and create more uniform coffee grounds. This gives you incredible power over your coffee ground size – no matter what grinder you use.

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Basic Kruve Sifter Instructions:

Insert two sieves into the Sifter.
Pour your grounds over the top sifter and attach the lid.
Shake back and forth for 30-60 seconds to sift the grounds.
Use the more uniform grounds in between the two sieves to brew your coffee.


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