December Coffee Dripper


Get more control over your soft brew with the December Coffee Dripper. With a quick turn of the base, you can choose one of three different flow rates or shut off the flow almost completely, allowing great versatility in brew conditions and batch sizes.  You can adjust the flow to make a single cup (lower flow setting) or  a full litre batch (flow set to maximum) – you can even adjust the flow rate mid-brew.  Made from dishwasher-safe stainless steel with a silicone gasket and sleeve, the December Coffee Dripper is a great present for any soft brew enthusiast.   (Filter paper sold separately)

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The DECEMBER Coffee Dripper is an adjustable pour over coffee dripper with four levels of flow adjustment. This allows you to grind the coffee at the optimal coarseness for the best flavor that your coffee has to offer.

Here are some recommended settings, but adjust your variables to taste:
20g coffee for a single cup (300mL or 10 oz) using Stage 1
40g coffee for a double serving (600mL or 20 oz) using Stage 2
Use Stage 3 to increase flow when needed
Use Stage 0 to extend the brew time by stopping the flow
and resuming as desired, or to reduce dripping when your
brew is complete.

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