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Best Coffee in NZ

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Best Coffee in NZ

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Altura: the best coffee beans 

Altura selects only the best Arabica coffee beans from the world’s premium growing regions. Our master roaster, Chris White designs the perfect roasting profile for each consignment of premium green beans to bring out their unique characteristics.  

We roast our beans daily in small batches to produce some of New Zealand’s finest gourmet coffees. All our coffees are available as beans, espresso, filter or plunger ground in 250gm or 1kg bags with a one-way freshness valve to deliver the best-tasting coffee to our customers - as fresh as the day it was roasted.

Top quality coffee

Altura selects and roasts high quality coffee, both specialty blends and single origins. We take pride in the fact that our coffee beans are ethically traded and sourced before being brought into New Zealand. By paying a premium for our green beans, we ensure that workers get a fair wage to support their local communities.  

Altura is the only coffee roaster to have won the coveted Supreme Award at the New Zealand Coffee Awards three times. Our Altitude blend is currently New Zealand’s best coffee  2015-16.
Altura award-winning blends

The art of roasting and blending excellent coffee lies in creating consistency without smothering the regional characteristics of the green beans.  Our master roaster, Chris White, designs the roasting profile used on every Altura blend.  It takes a lifetime of experience to bring out all the delicious flavour and aroma subtleties from the world’s best growing regions. These are Altura's three special blends.

Altura Fairtrade coffee

We are proud to support Fairtrade coffee. The Fairtrade logo is an independent guarantee that when you buy from Altura, you are buying coffee that meets internationally agreed Fairtrade standards.

Altura Organic coffee

We use certified organic Arabica beans to create this medium to full bodied coffee.  Its rich tones combine a medium complexity with nutty flavours.

Altura single origins

Sourced direct from Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Kenya, Mexico and Papua New Guinea, Altura Coffee brings the best of the world’s single origin coffee to New Zealand.  Each origin has its own distinct character and tone.  There is something to suit every palate and occasion. Find out more about Altura single origin coffee

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MON - FRI 7:00am - 4:30pm
SAT - SUN 8:00am - 4:00pm
23 Douglas Alexander Parade
North Shore

If you’re a fan of seeing and smelling freshly roasted coffee beans, just take a drive to our café in Albany.

Purchase it at its prime - whole beans, fine espresso or plunger ground and bring it home or to the office with smell and taste all intact.

With a team of quality chefs and expert baristas, you’ll get only the very best in dining and of course, the freshest of Altura’s fabulous coffee.