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Majestic Tea Bars - championing the hip new sip

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Tea is becoming hip again! Thanks to the Majestic Tea Bar, the humble cuppa is no longer the sole domain of the grey-haired over-sixties. A new generation is being introduced to a hugely diverse range of teas in a way that challenges our preconceptions around the drink. Fruit and herbal teas, oolong, rooibus, green, black, white and decaf: Majestic has a range of 35 specialty teas to choose from.

Although it may not be obvious in New Zealand, internationally tea is an explosive industry — and one that is gaining more traction with the current groundswell of interest in natural health and well-being. The range of flavours and types of tea on offer has never been more diverse, according to Chris Cox, founder of Majestic Tea Bars.

There are teas for every time of the day from first thing in the morning right through until bedtime: traditional strong English breakfast tea with a good hit of caffeine to get you going in the morning, refreshing and gentler green tea with lunch, a wide range of fruit and herbal teas to drink throughout the afternoon and evening.

“People are starting to explore the full diversity of teas and are re-discovering what the drink is all about,” said Chris Cox. “Tea is definitely back on the agenda for the younger generation. We’ve had a great response to our reinvention of the tea room – where we put tea at the top of the menu rather than leaving it as an after-thought at the bottom.”

Served loose-leaf in cast iron tea pots, each brew at Majestic provides a generous three to four cups — providing customers with the perfect excuse to linger in the relaxing and contemporary Victorian-themed cafés. Of course, coffee is not neglected. Majestic Tea Bars around the country serve Altura’s Supreme blend in addition to eleven flavours of hot chocolate (all made with high quality Belgian chocolate). And if you’d prefer something cold to drink there are frappes and smoothies galore. Truly something for every palate and preference.

Chris Cox says that Altura’s Supreme blend is the first coffee he’s really enjoyed — he’s never really been a coffee-drinker. “Supreme a good, smooth, rounded coffee and our customers love it. Altura has always been a winner for us.

The drinks menu is complemented by freshly-made, locally-sourced food, either served from the cabinet or made to order from the chef’s menu. And they must be doing something right — the first Majestic Tea Bar opened in 2015 and there are now three located in Christchurch, Palmerston North and Auckland, with six more bars due to open across the country this year and early 2019.

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MON - FRI 7:00am - 4:30pm
SAT - SUN 8:00am - 4:00pm
23 Douglas Alexander Parade
North Shore

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